Video Facilities

Media Arts & Studies supports students in the Field and in the Studio.

MDIA Equipment Room:

The School of Media Arts & Studies supports student projects with professional equipment.  Students may check out equipment all week long, including on the weekends.

Audio Gear such as HDP2 Field Recorders, Tascam DR-100 Recorders, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Rode and Shure microphones (shotguns, handheld and lavs), and both Mackie and Shure Mixers.

Lights from Arri, Mole Richardson, Kino-Flo, Rifa and Lowel.

Cameras such as the HVX200, Canon XL2 and T3i and other Panasonic and JVC models.

Camera and Grip Support such as tripods, tophats, c-stands, boompoles, sandbags, appleboxes, Flag and Net sets, a butterfly kit, dollies, cranes and remote monitors.

Production Studio C:

Media Arts & Studies students are free to reserve our fully functional Television Studio for production projects. The studio includes a Tricaster SD video system (switcher, tally system, and recorder), an Allen and Heath Mix Wizard 14:4:2 Audio Console, three Ikegami Cameras, a  50+ Circuit Lighting Grid with DMX Lighting Console & Dimmers, a 360-degree dual Cyclorama track and 120 degrees of chroma key curtain with floor scoops & flooring.  Students use the space weekly to broadcast the long-running  sketch comedy show Friday's Live.

Production Studio B:

Media Arts & Studies students working with the Scripps School of Journalism's daily news programs will learn every aspect of production in a television studio specifically designed as a news studio.

Production Studio A:

Media Arts & Studies students may also work with professionals at the WOUB Center for Public Media, producing television shows such as Gridiron Glory or Hardwood Heros for air on the local Public Broadcasting station.