Transfer Process

The School of Media Arts & Studies sets high academic standards and limits its annual enrollment to approximately 170 students.  Students from other programs at Ohio University wishing to transfer into the school must show strong academic performance. Starting in 2012, students may apply for transfer each Fall. Students accepted for transfer will begin the Media Arts and Studies program in the Spring Semester.  Students applying for transfer from other universities must follow the standard Ohio University admissions process and may transfer at any time.

The transfer application is called the "Change of College" form and may be acquired from the College of Communication Office. A cover letter explaining why our major will meet your academic needs is also required. Support materials should include three letters of recommendation (two from university instructors, one from the professional community), a resume and your academic record.

Students transferring from an Electronic Media program at a regional campus must apply at the end of the first year of their EM program. Upon acceptance, students will complete their second year of the EM degree and then transfer to the Athens campus at the start of their third year as an MDIA major.

Students transferring into the school must be enrolled for a minimum of one academic year and meet all of their Media Arts & Studies requirements to graduate from the program. All transfer applications should be delivered to the School of Media Arts and Studies office (RTVC 202) to the attention of the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies.

All external transfers from other universities or programs to the undergraduate program in the School of Media Arts and Studies are handled by the Office of Admissions. 

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