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School of Media Arts & Studies Statement on Sexual Misconduct

The School of Media Arts & Studies honors the dignity of each member of our community. Sexual misconduct has no place in our program nor in the media industry. Moreover, our faculty is committed to a diverse and safe community, and as such, acts of hate and discrimination will not be tolerated. All our students have a right to an education that is free from violence, intimidation, and sexual misbehavior. We make our commitment explicit with a zero-tolerance response policy for sexual misconduct.

In order to meet our commitment to a safe and productive educational environment for all students and to comply with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, faculty members are required to report to the University's Title IX Coordinator any incidents of sexual misconduct that come to their attention.  

The School of Media Arts & Studies hereby underscores its absolute commitment to a media education that is free from sexual harassment and violence. Our learning environment facilitates creation of works that are free of sexual exploitation. Our students are encouraged to understand sexual violence and discrimination in media workplaces as abhorrent and unacceptable acts, and we encourage intervention on behalf of others. We facilitate external relationships, such as internships, in which freedom from sexual harassment and sexual violence are practiced.

As teachers, mentors and colleagues, we hold ourselves to the same high standard of behavior. Media faculty are accountable for a maintenance of a learning environment that is unfettered by sexual exploitation. We recognize that all of us, including ourselves, our teaching assistants, part-time and visiting faculty, staff, and students, work hold varying degrees of power and that we all are accountable for our sexual conduct. We reject complicity in the form of silence, and we will not allow retribution for seeking an end to sexual misconduct by any individual. Our students launch the fulfillment of their dreams in the School of Media Arts & Studies, and they will shape the creative industries of tomorrow. We insist that all participants in this process engage in ethical practices that will help to quell sexual misbehavior in the formation of those futures for everyone.