Semester Requirements

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Media Arts & Studies General Requirements

  1. Arts and Humanities
    Six hours at the 3000- to 400-level (or 2000-level or above for foreign language courses). Courses include junior composition, art, art history, classical languages, comparative arts, dance, english, film, humanities, modern languages, music, philosophy, and theater.
  2. Social Sciences
    Six hours at the 3000- to 4000-level. Courses may be chosen from anthropology, classical archaeology, economics, history, international studies, management, marketing, political science, psychology, and sociology.
  3. Cross–Cultural Perspectives
    Six hours at the 3000- to 4000-level (or 2000-level or above for foreign language courses). Courses include foreign language (cannot fulfill both the Arts and Humanities and Cross-Cultural Perspectives requirements with the same course), African American studies, anthropology,world religion, geography, international studies, Japanese culture, and women's studies.

University Tier

University General Education Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and University Professor courses can be used to fulfill general requirements. You must fulfill the Tier III requirement also.

Media Arts and Studies Core

The following courses comprise the core required courses for all majors:

  • MDIA 1010: Evolution of Media (3 credit hours)
  • MDIA 1020: Media & the Creative Process (3 credit hours)
  • MDIA 2010: Media Analysis and Criticism (3 credit hours)
  • MDIA 2011: The Business of Media (3 credit hours)
  • Global Media Topics (One 3 credit hour course from approved list)
  • Production Basics (Three 1 credit hour courses from approved list)
  • Applications of Media (One 3 credit hour course from approved list)

Students must successfully complete the MDIA core with a "C" or better. 


Each student in the School of Media Arts and Studies is required to complete a Corollary of coursework. These are courses outside the School Media Arts and Studies designed by you and your advisor to enhance your area of interest. The corollary totals a minimum of 21 credit hours (12 at the 3000- to 4000-level), from no more than 2 areas.

Other Requirements and Standards

No course selected to fulfill any requirement may be taken on a pass/fail basis by a Media Arts and Studies major.

There are four sets of requirements that must be completed in order to receive a Bachelor of Science in Communication degree in Media Arts and Studies:

Media Arts and Studies General

University Tier

Media Arts and Studies Core

Media Arts and Studies Emphasis Area