Q2S Transition Degree Completion Forms

All Ohio University students must complete a Transtition Degree Completion Plan for the move to semesters. The School of Media Arts and Studies will help students complete these TDCPs during small group meetings, with the exception of seniors. Seniors and students planning on graduating before Fall 2012 need to contact Beth Novak to complete their forms. This is MANDATORY!

For all other students,  we will meet in RTVC 229 on Friday February 17 at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 or 4:00. This is our sixth TDCP meeting, and the last of the quarter. This meeting is MANDATORY and failure to attend may result in DELAYED GRADUATION.

Quarters to Semesters Transition

Ohio University will transition to semesters with the start of Fall Quarter 2012, and the School of Media Arts and Studies will begin offering an updated curriculum. The School is committed to making this transition transparent for all students.

Transition Advising: Advising for the transition to quarters begins Fall Quarter 2011. Your transition advisor will be your regular academic advisor. Go to my.ohio.edu if you don't know who your academic advisor is.

Making an Advising Appointment: Each student in the School of Media Arts and Studies will be contacted by e-mail with instructions about how and when transition advising will begin. Group meetings will commence during Fall Quarter 2011. You will be responsible for attending your group meeting at whch time you will get additional instructions for meeting with your advisor for transition advising.

Preparing for Your Advising Appointment:
At your group meeting you will have the opportunity to review your own program folder, which will include the courses you have completed and the courses you will be expected to complete during the transition (The courses you have taken will appear on this form. You will work with your advisor to fill in the rest). Once you review this folder you can then make an appointment with your academic advisor for additional transition advising.

Questions: Additional questions can be directed to...

Undergraduate Students: Beth Novak, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies (Semesters)
Graduate Students: Greg Newton, Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Visit http://www.ohio.edu/q2s for more information.