OUGDA Meeting

Wed, September 13, 2017

This is a weekly meeting which occurs at 7:00pm. The organization currently meets in the GRID lab in Scripps Hall, across from Baker center For more information please visit www.ougda.com. Ohio University Game Developer's Association is the OU chapter of IGDA (International Game Developer's Association). Our organization works on improving the game design skills of all members through, making games, tutoring lessons, and going to Expo's around the country. We strive to ensure any student of Ohio university who wants to get involved in an area of game development (be it art, modeling, programming, animation, writing, or design) can do so through tutoring sessions from upperclassmen, as well as using connections from alumni out in the field. By joining OUGDA, we guarantee you will make a game by the end of your first semester as a member.