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Ngo, Quang

Quang Ngo


Quang Ngo is interested in the questions of what it means to be human during this digital age. How do we understand the human in relation to other nonhuman actors/agents, such as machine and animal? What role do we have and what responsibilities do we have in order to construct a more socially just world and to take into account the environment, and other nonhuman beings? Within this context, Ngo hope to challenge and rearticulate the liberal rational human subject that is grounded upon the idea of Cartesian dualism. What can we do to take apart binary categories in order to liberate our identity, embodied subjectivity, and self? Therefore, Ngo’s research is positioned within a critical tradition.

Research Interests 

Posthumanism, Poststructuralism

Cultural studies

Representations of marginalized groups, communities, and individuals

Television studies

Queer theory


B.A. at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

M.A. at the University of Maine, Orono


Email: qn291915@ohio.edu