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Mokgwathi, Kutlwano

Kutlwano Mokgwathi


Kutlwano Mokgwathi is a second-year Ph.D. student whose research interests include the use of technology (social media, film & photography) coupled with cultural aestheticism by African women to recreate gendered narratives and fight against patriarchal structures. Current research is focused on African Masculinities, Pan-African Womanism(s), and the use of art and technology to redefine cultural constructions of gender and gendered respectability. Mokgwathi is often compelled to investigate how visual mediums increase consciousness and aid in the application of Womanist Pan-Africanism, Afrotopianism, and Afrofuturism. She is an Allushuski Graduate Fellowship recipient, awarded to her by the Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies program.


B.A – Information & Design, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

M.A – Visual Communication, Ohio University

Graduate Certificate: Women, Gender & Sexuality, Ohio University


Email: km477014@ohio.edu