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Hillyer, Alec

Alec Hillyer


Alec is a public media masters graduate student in the school of Media Arts & Studies. He received his Bachelors of Arts in telecommunications from Bowling Green State University in 2015. While at BGSU he was music director of local radio station WBGU-FM, focusing his academic pursuits in radio production, with a minor focus in popular culture studies. 

Following his undergraduate education, Alec worked as a radio producer at Toledo’s WGTE-FM for several years. Alec is currently in the midst of his public media masters program, where his focus has been creating non-fiction video narratives. His media research has primarily pertained to critical music reception and media consumption habits. He is curious about the relationship between blogs, social media, streaming platforms, and audience reception. Alec is currently producing short-form documentaries exploring the rich history and architecture of the Athens county courthouse and of the Athens armory building.


Email: ah844718@ohio.edu