About the Program

Graduate programs in the School of Media Arts and Studies (formerly School of Telecommunications) stress research, theory-making, and professional development. The School offers a Ph.D. in Mass Communication, an MA in Media Arts and Studies, and an MA in Communication and Development Studies (co-administrated with the Center for International Studies). Our programs focus on Media and Development Communication, New Media and Society, and Industry Studies. Students may choose to emphasize either the social science or humanities traditions and will become acquainted with both qualitative and quantitative methods.

The School usually has 40-50 students at the graduate level and maintains quality through selective admissions. Entering graduate students often have experience working in a media industry, serving a government agency, or teaching. In any given year, students from at least a dozen countries are in residence. The school gives preference to candidates with strong professional and academic records, plus clear-cut goals. Each year the School awards a limited number of graduate and teaching assistantships to qualified candidates.