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Eric R. Williams

Associate Professor
Director, MFA in Communication Media Arts
Co-Creator, Immersive Media Initiative

Schoonover Center 328

Areas of Expertise

  • Screenwriting/Producing
  • Immersive Media (VR & AR)
  • Video/Film Production
  • International Projects


  • Northwestern University
  • Columbia University; MFA 

Eric Williams has owned his own production company for more than twenty years. As a professor, Eric continues to write, produce and direct fiction and non-fiction projects. Most recently, he has begun exploring 360-degree storytelling in Virtual Reality. Some of his favorite projects include:

Virtual Reality

His work using Virtual Reality to capture real world emergency room traumas has been featured nationally in venues such as the Huffington Post.

His premier 360-degree Virtual Reality short film: Re: Disappearing was show in film festivals around the world, including:

  • Beeston Underground FilmFest – England
  • Buchheim Museum Exhibit – Germany
  • Georgetown University Film Festival – USA
  • Saigon Underground FilmFest – Vietnam
  • Seattle Transmedia Film Festival – USA

The day after headlining on Saturday Night Live, the Immersive Media Initiative captured VR concert footage of Courtney Barnett.


Adapting the anthology Voices from the Heartland into television series, (and having these scripts win the Ohio Arts Council award for “Individual Excellence in Screenwriting”);

Writing a Columbo murder mystery for Universal Studios;

Co-writing the comedy rap script Legendary with director Alfredo DeVilla (Nothing Like the Holidays) for Phase 3 Films;

Adapting Bill Littlefield's novel The Prospect and Louis Urrea’s anthology Across the Wire for Workshop Productions (Messengers);

Co-writing and developing the war/horror script Under Fire with producer Carl Craig (I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, The Salon) and Patrick Muhlberger (Trailerpark);

Co-writing the web-series thriller SubterraNYa with Stephen Lancellotti (Digger 3D) for Fox Online.

Having his script Crystal Messiah performed on Broadway after winning the WGA award for "Best New Script".


Directing one of his scripts as his first 360-degree Virtual Reality film: Re: Disappearing

Co-producing and co-directing Guyana's first documentary television series, Guyana Pepperpot; exploring topics such as domestic violence, homelessness and teenage sexual behavior;

Creating and co-producing the reality show pilot Don’t Try This At Home for American Movie Classics (AMC);

Producing and directing the documentary, Breaking News: The Collision of Consumerism and Journalism in a Democracy; comparing capitalistic influences in the US and Ukraine;

Co-writing and co-directing the Emmy-Award-winning educational series What's the Problem?;

Producing and directing a twenty-episode video podcast series documenting the work of the Tropical Disease Institute in remote regions of Ecuador (Spanish and English versions);

Directing and producing more than 300 live news and variety show episodes for WCLL-TV.

You can view some of professor Williams’ work (as well as the work of his students) on his vimeo page.[Password: EWCV]

Teaching Awards

Professional Awards and Accolades


Williams has two books due for release in 2017:

  • Award Winning Techniques for Screenplay Adaptations, published by Focal Press/Routledge.
  • The Screenwriters Taxonomy: A Collaborative Approach to Creative Storytelling, published by Taylor and Francis.

Williams produced a six-hour series about creativity and co-edited the book Media and the Creative Process as a companion guide to the series.  Watch episodes here (password: MDIA1020).

Topics include: