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Don Flournoy


Schoonover Center 334

Areas of Expertise

  • International Telecommunications
  • Space and Satellite Communication
  • Broadband Communication Networks
  • ICTs and Rural and Regional Development

Professor Flournoy teaches the new media and communication technologies, global media systems, satellite communication, Internet communication, and information and communication technologies and development. His research focuses on the application of media and communication technologies to the solution of human problems and the establishment of public policy that facilitates free and open public access to broadband communication networks.

For the last 10 years, Dr. Flournoy has served on the Board of Advisors of the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF.org), selecting annually the Top Seven “smart” communities of the world. He is the Editor of the Online Journal of Space Communication (spacejournal.org), sponsored by the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI.org). He is the Director of SunSat Design, a 2013-2015 international competition sponsored by the National Space Society (NSS.org) to design the next generation satellites – and related infrastructure - that will collect energy in space and deliver it to earth as renewable electricity.

He was Project Manager in a series of experiments conducted aboard NASA's Advanced Communication Satellite. ACTS was the first all-digital spacecraft featuring on-board data processing and switching, hopping spot beams, frequency re-use and opening of the Ka spectrum band. As an Assistant Dean, Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland, he worked under Case President T. Keith Glennan, the first Director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Dr. Flournoy is the author of eight books and numerous scholarly and professional articles.

 Ph.D. and M.A., University of Texas 1964/1965;
 Post Graduate Associateship, University of London – UK 1962;
 B.A.; Southern Methodist University 1959.
 Also Attended Boston University and the National University of Mexico.

 Director, Institute For Telecommunications Studies, Ohio, 1990-2007
 Prof., School of Telecommunications, Ohio University, 1989-present
 Assoc. Prof., School of Telecommunications, Ohio University, 1984-1988
 Director of Special Projects, Center for International Studies, 1981-1983
 Dean of the University College, Ohio University, 1971-1981
 Associate Dean, State University of New York/Buffalo, 1969-1971
 Assistant Dean, Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland, 1965-1969