Recent Dissertations


Shao Chun Cheng. Popular cultural production and exchange in the greater China regional market: A case study of Taiwan symbol creator Chiung Yao’s Huanzhu Gege TV Drama Trilogy. Director: Drew McDaniel

Youssouf Diallo. Genuine participation in social change programs: The experiences of benefactors and beneficiaries in Guinea. Director: Steve Howard

Margit Hawelleck. Televisual performances in the realm of ethnic minority media: A stratoanalysis of Lusatian Sorbian programming in German public service broadcasting. Director: David Mould

Musonda Kapatamoyo. Information and Communications Technology (ICT): An Analysis of Zambia’s ICT Policy Initiatives and the Role of Multilateral Organizations (MOs). Director: Don Flournoy

Kathy Keltner. From myth to metaphor to memory: A rhetorical analysis of televised representations of Project Apollo, 1968-2004. Director: Joe Slade

Chalisa Magpanthong. Participatory Community Media: Three Case Studies of Thai Community Radio Stations. Director: Drew McDaniel

Danielle Stern. Women and reality television in everyday life: Toward a political economy of bodies. Director: Norma Pecora

Baasanjav Undrahbuyan. Internet Content and Use by civil society and governmental institutions in Mongolia: The situation in 2005. Director: Don Flournoy

Putut Widjanarko. Homeland, identity and media: A study of Indonesian transnational Muslims in New York City. Director: Drew McDaniel



Adrian Budiman. Virtual Online Communities: A Study of Internet Based Community Interactions. Director: Drew McDaniel

Katalin Milter. The Impact of Politics on Post-Communist Media in Eastern Europe: An Historical Case Study of the 1996 Hungarian Broadcasting Act. Director: Joe Slade

Enyonam Osei-Hwere. Children's Television in Ghana: History, Policy, Diversity, and Prospects in a Changing Media Environment. Director: Norma Pecora

Tang Tang. Active Within Structures: An Empirical Integration of Individual, Structural, and Technology Adoption Determinants in Predicting Internet Use. Director: Greg Newton



Erica Butcher. An Audience Reception Analysis Field Study: Viewers Perceived Realism Appraisals of Latino Fictional Characters in English Language Television Program. Director: Drew McDaniel

Janice Collins. Finding leadership in the “Real World of News”. The professional socialization of leadership & Development and issues of power, gender, race & self esteem in a college broadcast journalism lab. A case study. Director: Mia Consalvo

George W Gathigi. Radio listening habits among rural audiences: An ethnographic study of Kieni West Division in Central Kenya. Director: Steve Howard

Tabassum Khan. Halting Modernities: Globalized Media, Liberalized Economy and Emerging Identity of Indian Muslim Youth of Jamia Enclave in New Delhi. Director: Drew McDaniel

Andy Ofori-Birikorang. Promoting a new health policy in the Ghanaian media. Newspaper framing of the national health insurance scheme from 2005-2007. Director: Steve Howard

Mohamed Sati. Internet Islam: An analysis of U.S.-based websites dedicated to promoting an Islamic viewpoint in the post 9/11 world. Director: Steve Howard

Jeffrey Smith. Cyber-Synchonicity: The Concurrence of the Virtual and The Material Via Text-based Reality. Director: Joe Slade



Andrew Carlson. Small Business and the 2010 FIFA World Cup: The Use of Communication Technology in South African Micro-Enterprise. Director: Steve Howard

Hala Guta. Voices of a Nation in a Contested Social Space: Radio and Conflict Transformation in Sudan. Director: Drew McDaniel

Todd Harper. The Art of War: Fighting Games, Performativity, and Social Game Play. Director: Mia Consalvo

Cynara Medina. Understanding the ABC's of Ugly Betty: A Rhizomatic Analysis of the Illegal Immigrant Narrative in Ugly Betty, The Political Economy of Latino(a) Television Audiences, and Fan Engagement with Telecision Texts. Director: Mia Consalvo

Madikoma Adele Mayuso Mda. Staff Turnover in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector in South Africa. Director: Drew McDaniel



Melissa Hendricks Boehm. "From Harlem to Harlan County": Print Media's Framing of Poverty in the Congressional Record Between 1960 and 1964. Director: Norma Pecora

Sothearith Im. A Public Service Broadcasting Model for Developing Countries: The Case of Cambodia. Director: Drew McDaniel

Meghan Pierce. Botswana’s Makgabaneng: An Audience Reception Study of an Edutainment Drama. Director: Rafael Obregon

Lisa Wagner. Identity: Girls Everyday, On and Offline. Director: Norma Pecora



Azlan Yahaya. Islam Hadhari: An Ideological Discourse Analysis of Selected Speeches by UMNO President and Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Directors: Karen Riggs & Drew McDaniel