The School of Media Arts and Studies (formerly the School of Telecommunications) offers programs of study leading to a Master of Arts in Media Arts and Studies and a Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Communication. Ohio University is a well-established, notable liberal arts university known for its commitment to graduate studies, and its high standards in research and in professional development in numerous communication disciplines.

Earning a graduate degree in Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University provides students with the opportunity to explore specialized areas of interest, while participating in an enriching and an internationally diverse academic community.

Graduate students beginning a program in the School of Media Arts and Studies can specialize in international media, media management and policy, media studies in technology & culture, and public media. Theoretical rather than technical expertise is stressed in these concentration areas. Students are encouraged to work closely with faculty in the School of Media Arts and Studies when exploring their declared areas of specialization.

Graduate students can take elective or supportive courses within other schools and departments within Ohio University. Students often decide to take courses in Journalism, Communication Studies, International Studies, Women’s Studies, Business, History, Social Anthropology, Education, Fine Arts and Political Science. Students also have the opportunity to utilize statewide library resources, and state of the art computer facilities with the latest programs and equipment.