Audio Facilities

Audio Control Room A:

Our state of the art Music Recording Studio utilizes a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Discrete Analogue Mixer (32 Channel 8 Buss), supported by two Genelec 1038B Three-way Active Midfield Monitors and two Dynaudio BM 12A Nearfield Monitors.  We use Apple Logic Pro and Avid Pro Tools with a compliment of plugins and we exclusively use Sonic Studio's soundBlade for mastering and delivery. See below for detailed specs.

Audio Control Room B:

Our state of the art Audio Post-production Studio uses Avid Pro Tools HD, dual 192 I/Os, Control 24 and Core+Accel Cards with a Waves Platinum Plugin Package and five Mackie HR824 Studio Monitors. Control B also exclusively utilizes Sonic Studio's soundBlade for mastering and delivery.

Both recording rooms are John Storyk designs and furnished with MAG Studio Custom Furniture. 

  • (2) AKG 451
  • (2) Audio Technica 4050
  • (1) Blue Dragonfly
  • (1) Rode NTK
  • (2) Cascade Ribbons
  • (1) Neumann TLM103
  • (3) Sennheiser MD421
  • (1) Sennheiser E602
  • (3) Shure SM57
  • (1) Shure SM57 with TAB Funkenwork Transformer Mod
  • (1) Shure Beta52
  • (4) Studio Projects C3
  • (2) Studio Projects C4

Detailed specs

The Neve mixer is fitted with 16 channels of Rupert Neve Portico 5032 Preamp/EQ, 4 channels of Portico 5015 Preamp/compressors, 8 channels of Portico 5043 Dual Compressors, 2 channels of 5033 5 band EQs, a Portico 5054 Stereo Field Editor, and a Portico 5042 Tape Emulator.

  • Lexicon PCM80 and LPX1 Reverbs
  • Yamaha ProR3 Reverb
  • Yamaha SREV-1 Reverb System
  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Apple Logic Pro
  • Sonic Studio's soundBlade SE workstation including a host of Sonic Studio mastering and de-noising plugins.
  • Antelope Audio Orion 32
  • Compliment of Plugins
  • Mag Custom Furniture
  • (1) Avalon AD2044 Opto Compressor
  • (2) Summit Audio TLA-50 Tube Leveler
  • (2) Universal Audio 1176 Limiter
  • (1) Yamaha S-REV 1 Digital Sampling Reverb
  • (1) M-Audio Axiom 49 Midi Controller
Both studios share these Outboard Processors:
  • (2) Avalon U-5 Direct Box
  • Various Countryman, Stewart Audio, and Missing Link DIs
  • Furman HRM16 Headphone Distribution System
  • (2) Tascam MX5050B Analog Tape Machines

Read the MDIA Sound Studio Policies.

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