A global media and communication conference


OCTOBER 13-15, 2017



October 13 – Schoonover Center for Communication, Ohio University

8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Registration Schoonover Center


Friday, October 13 – Baker University Center, Ohio University 

Preconference Panel


Panel: The Political Economy of Marketing in the 21st Century: Case Studies

Chair: Ali Zyati, West Virginia State University

Food Deserts: Advertising slogans specific to Central Appalachia

        Katrina Slone, West Virginia State University

Operational Semiotics of resistance and simulation: The case of Chechnya, Hezbollah and ISIS

        James Taylor, West Virginia State University

Princess Mononoke

        Wendy Chamblin, West Virginia State University


6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Welcome Reception    450 Schoonover Center


6:30 p.m. - 6:50 p.m.

Center Graduate Paper Competition Results Announcement   


7:30 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.

Keynote Speech 450 Schoonover Center

Daniel Mondschain

Vice President of Production Sony Pictures Worldwide



Saturday, October 14 – Baker University Center, Ohio University 



Session 1

8:30am ­ 9:45am

Session 1.1 Social media and activism: Social justice movements around the globe

After the broadcast blackout: Social media and social justice movements in the US

        Jeffrey L. Blevins, University of Cincinnati

#AnatabanSS (I am tired): South Sudanese Peace Activism on Twitter

        Colin Lasu, Ohio University

Women, Social Media and Online Social Movements: A Case Study of "My Stealthy Freedom" Facebook Campaign in Iran

        Ramin Chaboki Darzabi, Texas A&M University

A sentiment analysis of CNN and Fox News Facebook posts on the 2017 Women’s march

        Abena Agyei-Boateng, Ohio University


Session 1.2 Political communication in the age of new media

Political News, Perceived Transparency, and Trust in Government (Indonesia)

        Ika Idris, Ohio University

Modi’fied India: Government response to Twitter request

        Jayaprakash R. Veeramreddy & Mary Jackson Pitts, Arkansas State University

Building and Tearing Walls Down: Clinton's Latino Outreach in the 2016 Presidential Election

        Juan S. Larrosa-Fuentes, Temple University

Saudi Arabian’s as Citizen Journalists: A survey

        Maha Ahmad Alshareef and Mary Jackson Pitts, Ph.D., Arkansas State University


Session 1.3 Cross-cultural perspective on political communication

Nothing ‘Neo’ About It: Putin, Trump & The Global Rise in Authoritarianism

        Courtney Strang, Wayne State University

Taming Neo-Ottoman Cool: The Discursive Reproduction of East and West in Russian Drama

        Yasemin Celikkol, University of Pennsylvania

The invisible protests: Agenda setting practices of Russian mainstream media

        Nune Grigoryan, Ohio University

Textual Analysis of Turkey’s Referendum Campaign

        Miles P. Davis, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Session 2

10:00am ­ 11:15am

Session 2.1 Framing political processes through diverse media systems

Portrayal of terrorism: A content analysis of newspaper coverage during 2001-2017 in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia

        Chalisa Magpanthong and Drew McDaniel, Bangkok University and Ohio University

Telling China’s Stories through Facebook? Exploring the Practice and Effectiveness of China’s State-Sponsored Media on Global Social Media Platform

        Fan Liang, University of Michigan

Framing 2014 Hong Kong protests: A comparison of BBC online and CNN online coverage

        Xueqi Chen, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Authoritarianism and the Marketization of the Media: China’s Struggle to Balance Paradoxes

        Khalid Aljahel, Wayne State University


Session 2.2 Development and innovation through the lens of music

Drumming for Social Change: Music, Identity Formation, and Transformative Empowerment in Afro-Brazilian Community Development NGOs

        Stuart Davis, City University of New York

        Joe Straubhaar, University of Texas at Austin

Dependency and cultural imperialism through the lens of Latin American Music

        Nancy Morris, Temple University

Ring the Alarm Another Sound is Dying: The impact of digitization and disruptive innovations on sound system culture

        Franklyn Charles, Ohio University

The Relevance of Large-Scale Theory to –C4D

        Tom Jacobson, Temple University


Session 2.3 Social change and development: International perspective

Digital Platforms and Sustainable Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa: Perspectives from Kenya

        Philip Onguny, Saint Paul University, Canada

Reporting nutrition and the right of Nigerian child: Focus on internally displaced children in Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria

        Ifeyinwa Nsude and Stephen Elem Nwanchor, State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria

Sustainable Food Production and Agricultural Practices: Sources of Communication for the Indian Farmers and its Effectiveness

        Afrina Rizvi, Aligarh Muslim University, India

International Donors and Audiovisual Training in East Africa: The Case of Maisha Screenwriting Lab

        Benjamin Pearson, University of Michigan



Session 3

11:30am ­ 12:45pm

Session 3.1 Panel: Online, Immaterial, and Technological Labor

Women Socialites on Social Media: The Neoliberal Self, Gendered Labor, and Empowerment

        Jessica Gantt Shafer, Texas A&M University

Emotional Labor in the Digital Age: Perceptions and Environments of New Media Workers

        Katharine Hodgdon, Texas A&M University

Self-Discipline, Censorship, and Social Networking: The Online Presence of Journalists in Turkey

        Caitlin Mile, Texas A&M University


Session 3.2 Information technologies: Policy and development

Is Information and Communication Technology (ICT) still a panacea? An analysis of the second wave of policies aimed at global diffusion of ICTs.

        Musonda Kapatamoyo, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

ICT's in the Development of Small Farmers in India a Case Study of a village of Northern India.

        Ahmed Khursheed and Afrina Rizvi, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Computer-generated Animation Clips as a Tool for Communication to Farmers to Adopt Green Technologies

        Ayesha Qamar, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Self-service to replace face-to-face banking in India: A perspective of Technology Adoption Model.

        Michael Agyepong Nkansah, Ohio University

Session 3.3 Counter-hegemonic communication actions

Hacking as Communicative Action

        Patrick Burkart and Tom McCourt, Texas A&M University and Fordham University

Hybridity and online public spheres after the Arab Spring: The case of Raseef22

        Azza El Masri, Florida State University

Barbaric localism: Oppositional media practices and anti-pacification activism in Rio

        Stuart Davis, City University of New York, Baruch College

Provincializing Global Media Theory: An Empirical View from Latin America

        Stuart Davis and Jose Carlos Lozano, City University of New York, and Texas A&M International University



1:00pm – 2:30pm



Session 4

2:45pm ­ 4:00pm

Session 4.1 Plenary Session on Pedagogy

Chair: Patrick Burkart, Texas A&M University

        Lisa Brooten, Southern Illinois University

        Drew McDaniel, Ohio University

        Patrick Murphy, Temple University

        Karin Wilkins, University of Texas

        Hector Amaya, University of Virginia

        Christopher Ali, University of Virginia


Session 5

4:15pm ­ 5:30pm

Session 5.1 Mediated power politics

Media and the Strongmen: Militarization and Reform in Thailand and the Philippines

        Lisa Brooten, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

The "Fixer": Disposable Local Bodies in Global Journalism

        Syed Irfan Ashraf, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Regime of visibility and game of Biopower: A reflection on the economy of visibility and death

        Lassane Ouedraogo, Ohio University

Mediated Sankarism: Reinventing a Historical Figure to Reimagine the Future

        Lassane Ouedraogo, Ohio University


Session 5.2 Migration politics and new media technology

Refugee Perceptions of Healthcare in the United States

        Kholoud H. Sheba & Mary Jackson Pitts, Arkansas State University

Migration Politics: How the news representations of Syrian refugees and Myanmar’s Rohingya reflect migration politics

        Emily A. Ehmer and Anas Alahmed, Texas State University

African Cultures beyond the Shores of Africa: Perceptions of Western Media Framing

        Chimaobi Dick Onwukwe, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria

Social support and mediated technologies: A case study of Eritrean refugees and migrants

        Goitom Negash, Ohio University


Session 5.3 Coming-of-age: Digital journalism (business and practice)

Digital News in India: An Investigation of Journalism Start-Ups

        Revati Prasad, University of Pennsylvania

Digital journalism entrepreneurship in Mexico

        Mark A. Poepsel, Southern Illinois University

Anonymous Twitter News Accounts are the New Way to Deliver News

        Abdullah M. Almalki, Temple University

Twitter as a vehicle for journalistic interventionism: A comparative analysis of advocacy in reporting by US and Iranian journalists

        Regina Dennis, University of Houston



Sunday, October 15-– Baker University Center, Ohio University 


9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Session 6

8:30am ­ 9:45am

Session 6.1 Panel: New media systems in Kazakhstan

New Media’ Development in Kazakhstan: The Role of Social Media in Social Change

        Karlyga Myssayeva, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

Routes in social networks of Kazakhstani youth 

        Galiya Ibrayeva, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

Blogosphere in the national system of Kazakhstan’s mass media 

        Elmira Alim, al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan


Session 6.2 Discourse in national and global media systems

Tales from the Anthropocene: The Return of the Environmental Limits Discourse in Global Television

        Patrick Murphy, Temple University

The Local and the Global: The Resurgence of Cold War Imagery in the International Television Format Market

        Daniel Van Jelgerhuis, Georgia State University

Speaking into Discourse: Exploring Orality and Dialogical Pedagogy in Question Bridge Black Male

        Abimbola Iyun and Danyelle Greene, University of Kansas

Hitler’s children: vs People like us: Who are these guys? An analysis of television appearances of the extreme right party in the islands of Cyprus

        Elena Pachita, Bowling Green University


Session 6.3 TV broadcast: International perspectives

Teresa and Rubí: The Representation of Working Class Antiheroines in Mexican Telenovelas

        Laura Verónica Jiménez Morales, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Comparative analysis of Contemporary Iranian and Bollywood films on Children

        Tanveen Aslam Kawoosa, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Political satire in Iraq: A bridge between media systems

        Mohammed A. Salihm, University of Pennsylvania

"Shit Our Ethnic Moms Say": Race as Constructed from the Boundaries of Online

        Diantha Vliet, Temple University


Session 7

10:00am ­ 11:15am

Session 7.1 Politics and media framing of Africa

Framing Africa: A textual analysis of Western press coverage of the 2015 FIFA women’s world cup

        Ololade Afolabi, Southern Illinois University

Nigerian political parties and their social media followership: aftermath of 2015 general elections

        Ndinojuo Ben-Collins Emeka; Ihejirika Walter and Eludu, Stella, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

A content analysis of US and Nigerian press coverage of each other in the information age from 2010-2015

        Majotiy Oji and Paul Bebeminibo, Delta State University, Nigeria

Comparative Content Analysis of Social Media Audiences’ Feedbacks on Political News from Two Democracies: Cases from Nigeria and USA

        Onoja, Ibe Ben, Kogi State University, Nigeria


Session 7.2 Communication and development: Health and privacy

A semiotic exploration of Chagas disease images: Interrogating the visual construction

        Yonatan Tewelde, Ohio University

Men’s participation in Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission in Tanzania

        Freda Akosua Lekey, Ohio University

Using Kenneth Burke’s Equipment for Living to Explain how online Media are Vital Coping Tools to Teenage Girls’ Lives in Trinidad and Tobago

        Melissa Cumberbatch, Columbus State Community College

Teenage Girls in Trinidad and Tobago and Online Media Privacy

        Melissa Cumberbatch, Columbus State Community College


Session 7.3 Media as catalyst of religious and civic agency

Too rude to be citizens? Arab apostates on talk shows"

        Natalie Khazaal, Texas A&M University

Habermas and the Role of Crisis-Induced Narratives for the Future of the EU

        Marco Ehrl, Texas A&M University

Toward a Bottom-Up View of Polity-Building: Contributions of Manuel Castells’ Global Public Sphere, Civil Society, and Global Governance to a New European Narrative

        Marco Ehrl, Texas A&M University


Session 8

11:30am ­ 12:45pm

Session 8.1 Politics of representation

Who can speak now? Freedom of speech and the 21st Century politics of representation

        Fabienne Darling-Wolf, Temple University

Self-Presentation on Social Media: Meitu, Selfies, and Instagram Proposal

        Bowen Gao, Ohio University

Racism in the Dominican Republic

        Michael Lynch, Ohio University

The paradox of mediated diversity: Body, representation and mumblecore

        Benjamin Windholz, University of Kentucky


Session 8.2 New media in the context of raising democracy: India

The High Price of Free Internet: The Ban on Facebook Basics in India

        Maria Skouras, University of Texas at Austin

Facebook is Eating Development: Free Basics and the New Data Colonialism

        David Elliot Berman, University of Pennsylvania

Agents of new hegemon: New media and the new Indian middle class

        Kiran Bharthapudi, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

About an India sent to your living room: structural control of television news discourse and the construction of an alternate India

        Kiran Bharthapudi, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Session 8.3 Advertising: The business and audience perceptions

Audience Perception of Transnational Advertising of Coca Cola and the Adoption of Pop Culture among Youths in South-South Zone of Nigeria

        Christopher Ifeakachukwu Ochonogor & Hyacinth Chimenem Orlu-Orlu, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Uses and Gratification of German Interactive Online Advertising

        Anna Hermes, Arkansas State University

Effects of gender, advertising skepticism in general, and environment concern on green advertising skepticism

        Jason J. Yu, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Alternative revenue: How local newspapers in Indonesia survive

        Syifa Moch, Ohio University




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